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What?!? [29 Mar 2014|03:32pm]
I'm back da na na na na na na
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=D [29 Aug 2006|09:49pm]
[ mood | Happy. ]

 i saw beerfest with alexis, danielle, nathan, & matthew, funny movie, a lot of stupid parts though too.

went to the soccer games, we of course won. =D
then a bunch of us went to lauren's house, that was fun! we watched scary movie 4, i love that movie.

today i did absolutely nothing, i cleaned, watched tv, & babysat.

tomorrow i'm going to the davison soccer game. =D
then jill, nathan, & hopefully daniel are coming over! i'm excited, it should be fun.

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FUNNNN. =D [22 Aug 2006|07:33pm]
[ mood | Kinda Sleepy. ]

had deep conversations with lauren & chelsie.

right now i'm 'bout to get ready.
i did really wanna go to vanessa's,
but lindsay invited me first.
well i'm sure i'll have fun there
with jake & tyler.

& it was dutch apple.
& it was delicious.

that's 'bout it.

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& I Prayed Like Never Before. [21 Aug 2006|05:13pm]
[ mood | Relieved. ]

so this morning, my brother was gone for like an hour & a half.
i was crying so hard, we couldn't find him.
so my mom took me back home incase he came home.
well, he did thank God. i don't think i've ever been so scared.

well now i'm 'bout to get ready & go to heather's.

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random... [20 Aug 2006|12:41pm]
[ mood | loved ]

and it makes you feel good.

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wow. [20 Aug 2006|01:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i havn't done this thing in freaking ever!
i am going to start again.

well today...
i babysat this morning. i started getting ready. then went to meg & katie lutton's with jake, that was amusing. then i came home & ate sherbert ice cream & watched tv. right now i'm listenin to country & 'bout to go to bed. well, that's my day. =P

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Happy Halloween! [31 Oct 2005|10:43pm]
[ mood | Pleased!.. ]

Happy Halloween!

So today, went to skool
came home
got ready
went ovr to Anthony's at like 5
now I'm here

Anthony's was pretty awesome, i must say! Lol it was a blast, i had fun hanging out w/ all of you ppl! Trick-Or-Treating was pretty damn fun!..I must say I do love my friends!..

All in all Halloween was really good for me, I got a few of my friends back, well atleat I know I got one of 'em...And I got to hang out w. the friends I adore!..I totally loved Halloween this year!..Def. one of the best years I've had!

Love You All

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She Needs To Hear She's Loved [30 Oct 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | tired... ]

nothing really to say...i don't like like any guy in our skool, but i do like someone...i feel like i'm losing friends, but yet i'm gainin others...i have like absolutely no drama in my life...it's kind of nice, but i miss it, nah not really lol...well i finally got the internet back in my room and i'll soon be gettin my own fone line, so i'll have a new home fone #...i'm totally pissed knowin my mother is pregnant but i'm slowly gettin ovr it...well i just thnk life kind of sucks rite now...

well i'm tired now so yea...

love you all

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a lil thng... [28 Oct 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | Thirsty!.. ]

1. Reply with your name and I will write something random about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I will tell you my first memory of you.
6. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll then ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. Put this in your journal, or else!

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Cheezy Bread!.. [22 Oct 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | excited... ]

went to the game last nite mostly hung out w. Kayla n Brandon, i love thm two together they make me smile!..n if i wasn't w. kayla i was w. Jaime or Chelsea, love 'em both!..Well i'm making cheezy bread!..totally delicious!..can't wait til it's done!..meanwhile i'm guna start gettin ready to go to the haunted house in pontiac w. Kaylan S, Amber P, and I thnk Emily M and Sarah M...Thn i'm spendin the nite at Amber's grama's...fun stuff...I have a feeling i'm guna wet my pants while we're in the haunted house, i'm hopin we make it through so we get our money back, but i doubt that will happen...so yea, my mom is finally going to let me have the internet back in my room!..so happy!..but thn i'm so freakn pissed off at her, i hate chris so fuckn much, i don't understand why he's evn still here i mean they're gettin a divorce, oh that's right i forgot my mom is fuckin pregnant w. his fuckn child!..ugh that ticks me off so bad!..well i love my dad and grama dearly much, so i'm hoping that the courts will let me live w. one of thm so i can get away from my mother n chris, cause i hate thm both at this moment in time, lol...n the hardest part is my mom told me and she's expectn me not to tell the family, well eventually everyone is goin to notice she's fatter so, w.e n i guess she's been pregnant for a while cause the baby is due round may (my b-day, whch makes me so totally more pissed) i hate known that the baby is chris's...well the timer went off on the cheezy bread so i'm guna go get it!

lots of love

oh yea, n not to mention, i broke my freakn fone today!..so yea i'm guna have to wait til xmas to get my new fone...oh well i guess?

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... [15 Oct 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | CaRaZy! ]

Last night, went over Jaime's house then we went to Lauren's house where we met Brittany D, Jill T, and Emily H...Then we went over to Alexis M's party, which was pretty damn fun!..I love that chick!..I hung out w. Jaime pretty much the whole night, and I seriously have no clue wut i'd do w.o her! Then we started hangin out w. Miss Katie Donlan and Jill Topham, whch was very fun, I enjoyed laughin w. thm very much!..Then everyone that was spendin the night at Lauren's left (including Jaime) so I hung out w. Paige A. n Ryan B. til Paige's Stepdad to pick us up, thn spent the night at Paige's, her house is so fuckin nice! (oh so is Alexis's and Lauren's!) Makes me so jealous!..But yea Paige n I watched Degrassi, lol...And had some good times!..Then my dad called me at like 9:30 this mornin and asked me wut was goin on...n blah blah blah...Then I hung out w. my cousin and her friends for a while my sweetest day was actually pretty fun, we made cookies n did all kinds of stuff...But yea...That's all I really got to say...

Lots of Love

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my life... [01 Oct 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | Disappointed!.. ]

Jaime picked me up w. Lauren and we went to the gb vs. ca game...We lost by one fricken point!..Met Mark...nice n very cute kid!..So we hung out w. him for the whole game...Tori and Anquan spilt hot chocolate all over my sweatshirt...But my mom said it'd come out so i was fine after...Lol...I was guna go to Tori's house after the game, but thn i couldnt because i knew i had to wake up early to go get my nails done, so i came home and went to sleep like right away...

This mornin i got my nails done, kind of dissapointed in a way cause we asked for a french manicure w. tips and she just gave me tips...Oh well my aunt might just re-do them for me...

Happy Belated Birthday Daniel Joseph Savoie! Love Ya!

Right now I'm about to get ready, thn hoping my dad will let me go to Greg's Party...Sorry if I don't Greg, love ya!

Dissappointed that State loss...We totally should of won that game!..

well lots of love

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...Party! [25 Sep 2005|08:55am]
[ mood | sleepy... ]

yea, so i made up my mind, and decided to have the party! yea woop woop, and the list stays the same!..so i'm guna go make or by invitations!..i'm xcited!..so neways...i totally got my dress last weekend, i took pics of it n shit, but thn i left my cord at my gramas...so i'm screwed, whn i go ovr there next weekend i'll put it n my lj or gjpix...whch ever...

Friday- went to the football game!..woop woop and had the best time w. miss vanessa!..i love that chick!..i seriously have no clue wut id do w.o her...we've been going through the worst shit!..but yea the football game was good, i totally got annoyed by this grl that is tryin way to hard to be like me, and follows me where ever i go!..so finally i got away from her and hung out w. of course vanessa, rachel h, emily m, sarah m, ryan b, ricky j, chelsie w, jaime s, and yea more ppl, thn i went over to Paige Hayes's house, that was fun!..i love her!..yea thn they frickn put mustard in my hair at 6 in the freakin mornin, so i called my mom to pick me up earlier thn whn she was guna pick me up so i can take a shower...

Saturday- mom picked me up at like 9 or sumthn like that, took a shower thn went to my brothers football game...his team lost once again, i don't thnk that coach knows how to coach...lol...yea thn on the way to the apple orchid i saw billy caraway..i was like wtf is he doing in my sub...so i stopped n asked him why he was walkn, he didn't say much cause my mom was right there, so i called him and i guess his dad lives right down the road from me, so i was like well thats cool...so neways the apple orchid was fun, i bought this purse there, that i'm so happy i got, n i got like jewelry n other shit...but yea...thn we got home and i took a nap and thn we watched 2 movies on lifetime, haha...yea thn i fell asleep at like 9 lol and slept til 10:30 whn my brother n sister woke me up to go to my bedroom to go to bed, didn't understand why but i did, n yea, i went to bed early...

Today- woke up at 7:30 to watch my brother and sister, went to my nana's for like an hr, thn came back here and now i'm watching tv in my room...so yea...that's my day for now, but at like 2 my dad is pickin us up and we're having like a pizza party w. my dad's family, then we're going go-karting!..woop woop...so yea i'm guna go finish up my homework though...

Lots of Love
Paige Marie*

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[17 Sep 2005|11:23pm]
[ mood | excited... ]

kay, so i'm thnkn of having a party after the homecomin football game...
and if i do thn i obviously do, and will invite like my closest friends...
Emily Munerance
Sarah Maxheimer
Jaime Schramm
Chelsie Welch
Kacie Rodriguez
Lynlee Dixon
Kyle Huber
Eric Hart
Anthony Dipzinski
Sam Magidsohn
Daniel Savoie
Ryan Best
Trevor Hunt
Heather James
Vanessa Legutko
Emily Hans
Chelsea Bascos
Kayla Cavanaugh
Becky Lynn
Rachel Hendershot
Alyssa Aichner
Whitney Reggio
Sarah Ford
have the feel of forgettin a few ppl...so yea...well if you want to go, comment cause i'm not for sure if i shuld have it...Emily is the only one so far that said i should have it...so yea...

lots of love

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[17 Sep 2005|05:06pm]
[ mood | teary eyed... ]

went to the davison game last nite w. Jaime n Lauren, that was fun!..i'm so guna go to like evry game w. jaime cause i love her so much, n she so much fun!..thn i called daniel i thnk? thn kyle, talked to kyle since like 12 or sumthn bout shit...thn woke up at like 8 to go to my brother's fball practice and game...but yea, i feel like i'm losin a shit load of my friends, n it sucks, idk a lot of ppl r just so cocky this year...i like can only talk to kyle n vanessa now, cause they're like the only ppl that actually seem like they care...idk if it's me but i have a feeling my homecommin is guna suck major butt!..so my dad got a better job in s. carolina, n i'm hopin he gets it cause i could be there for like 3 or 4 mnths, n it wont b til after homecomin cause i wanna go w. my friends to that...but yea i'd come back, thn after my grampa retires we mite all move down there...but idk, i guess i just wanna start my life over...ugh well i'm guna go, hopefully find a dress, if not today tomoro...

lots of love

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Chya... [25 Aug 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | Chipper... ]

Going shopping again today...Gosh I thought I'd nvr say this, but I've went shopping so much this summer, I'm starting to get sick of it...That's pretty pathetic...

Yesterday I went to a Mexican place and I usually go there like all the time w/ my grama n grampa and there's this really cute bus boy that works there, and he's hit on me a few times, and he wasn't there yeserday, so I was pretty upset...But oh well

So I'm mad 'cause I'm all the way out here in Lansing, and Paige is havin a party today, so I can't go...I also can't go to the football game...Totally ticked, I guess I'll get ovr it...But yea...

Lots Of Love

I have t.r.u.e. love for you and only you!

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To Muh Gurl! [23 Aug 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | I'm Good ]

Today I'm goin shoppin again, woop woop...Today has been boring, home alone on the comp, went in the hot tub, I've been bored all day thou...Nothn fun to do til 6 (shop)...So yea...I'm guna give a lil shout out...

Alexis Kathryn Dedrich- I'm so excited for Freshmen year with you!..Math is goin to be awesome, I can tell!..You are my best friend, and if we have our drama, I'll be willing to fight for you again because we've been through hell with eachother for too long to just throw all of it away, to guys to broken hearts, to gurls to fights, to family and friends, we've been there for eachother and that's why you're my best friend! I couldn't ask for any other girl better then you!..You've made my life hell at times, and I'm sure I've made yours too but I've learned from those times. The time I will never forget is whn your dad took us shopping thn we ran outta money so my mom picked us up, thn your mom called, wow I will nvr forget that moment!..You're the grl I cherish my moments with, the grl I give my clothes to (haha), the grl I could nvr out grow, the grl I'm willing to fight with, the grl I'm willing to fight for, and the grl that is my best friend!..I love you so much Alexis, and I kno I wouldn't of changed those lil things about me that I hate if it wasn't for you!..I love you grlie!

Lots Of Love

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Life... [28 Jul 2005|12:48pm]
[ mood | Excited!.. ]

Yea I'm prolly not going to update this much anymore...

But yea, I'm sick of caring wut ppl think of me, so say wut you want do wut you want, I'm not guna give a fuck anymore...And I say this 'cause people are such assholes and I don't want to get hurt for my whole life with people talking behind my back and saying shit about me...So yea...

Yea, well I'm going to go to the mall on Friday and try on pants 2 sizes to big to see if they still stay on...Yea I wanna start wearing my pants bigger IDK why but yea...And Jill posted something or it was a comment that people are still trying to find themselves, and I totally agree with that!..So you people should stop calling other people posers cause they're just finding their true self...But yea wise words of Jill Topham...

Wednesday, August 3rd-
Hopefully having Emily, Sarah, Alexis, Kyle, Sam, Eric, and Daniel over...

Friday, August 12th-
Going Go-Karting With Whoever Shows Up!..So can not wait for that day!

Saturday, August 13th-
Going To The Jackson County Fair With Emily, Kyle, and Daniel!..I can't wait for that day either!! So excited, getta go see Rascal Flatts!..And maybe Alexis can come!..

Friday*Saturday*Sunday, August 19th*20th*21st-
Emily and Sarah are comming with me to my grandma's and going shopping and we're going to go to my uncle's pool party! woop woop, hopefully it's going to happen anyways...

Friday*Saturday*Sunday, September 2nd*3rd*-
Going upnorth to Wheatland, with hopefully Mary!!! It's going to be sooo fun! Hope you can go!

Yep...Can't wait til those days!..

Yea, August 11th is picture day, Ahh, I have a feeling this is guna be like the worst pic of me ever!..

Well That's all I gotta say...

Love Y'all Lots

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A New Layout [27 Jul 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | Blah... ]

Yes, a new layout...Do you like it?

I've been sittin around doing nothing!..Waitin for this weekend to go back to my moms and hang out with my friends!..

I've got really nothing to say...

Love Ya'll Lots

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[24 Jul 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | Tired... ]

Friday- did everything to get ready for Jennifer's Party, then went home to get my stuff, went to her house round 7, then spent the night. Total drama at her party, but I'm over it, hopefully so is everyone else...

Saturday- my mom picked me up then I got ready to go to Abby's...I was the 2nd person there!..Yea that was like one of the best parties I've been to!..So I spent the night there with Dezzi, Barbie, and Kim...

Today- my grandma picked me up at freakin 9:40!..How gay?!..I was so freakin tired!..So I ate a couple donuts then went back to bed and slept 11:30 til 3:00...So I doubt I'm guna go to bed til late tonight, that's okay though...I hate when I'm off schedule though...so that's all.............

Love Ya'll Lots

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